Organic products

Wholemeal spelled pasta T dicoccum

Our company produces only pasta with semolina and semolina from ancient and minor cereals in full coherence with the production choices related to the promotion and re-cultivation of these species and varieties. All the raw materials needed for such For this purpose they are milled on the farm using a traditional stone mill and made into pasta by a handicraft workshop located just a few away from kilometers away from our corporate headquarters.
This in order to promote a virtuous circular economy among organic companies area and being able to offer healthy, good and zero kilometer food. In particular, our company has been dedicating for some years its attention to the production of spelled of the two species of coconut and einkorn.
This is for the purpose of making it more complex and, therefore, the crop rotations adopted are biodiverse, both to obtain raw materials with nutritional and nutraceutical characteristics specific and very suitable for the diet of the modern consumer. The ancient grains including the two main spelled species interest of the company, then have the characteristic of being tall (over 1 m) and, therefore, adapt and defend themselves better in systems organic production, from the natural competition exercised by weeds.