Fattoria Pieve a Salti


Organic crops in Tuscany

The land available to the company has very specific agronomic characteristics which require the use of an adequate mechanization plan. This is in order to be able to maintain the chemical-physical and microbiological fertility conditions essential to perpetuate the production cycles over time.

Clayey soils, in fact, have the peculiarity of alternating two opposite states, that is, too "wet" or too "dry". We therefore had to learn the right way to work our lands to create an interactive man-environment system capable of cooperating. to achieve the same objective: to produce healthy and nutritious foods in an ecological way.

700 ha in the Sienese Hills

Long rotations

To produce healthy and nutritious food in an ecological way, extensive use is made of long rotations lasting at least six years capable of guaranteeing the right resting times for individual plots of land, after having supported the cultivation of ancient cereals and minor focuses of our production activity.

Minor cereals

Over the last 20-25 years we have dedicated ourselves to the re-production of minor cereal species with great rusticity and tall size, such as einkorn and einkorn, spelt, white oats and some durum wheats of pasta-making interest.

Crop alternation

These species of minor cereals, naturally very demanding in terms of nutrients, are alternated with the cultivation of fodder legumes and grain legumes intended for both to the food and feed supply chains such as chickpeas, lentils, grass peas, beans, black and white field beans. Legumes, as is known, have the great advantage of organicizing atmospheric nitrogen through root symbiosis with some specific bacteria.


This enriches the soil with nitrogen, replenishing its reserves and structures the soil, through the action exerted directly on the soil by the roots. Furthermore, alternating crops helps maintain and promote biodiversity by "complicating" the current cultivation system.

  • organic cultivation of cereals, wheat, legumes
  • MONTALCINO (SI) – Italy