Fattoria Pieve a Salti


Production plant

....... a dream that began in 1998 with the conversion to the organic method.

What made us work on the first 5 quintals of our spelled was the desire to let the guests of our farm taste the flagship of our production, Let him find a package in your room upon arrival at the facility!

It was precisely the interest aroused in our guests, their appreciation, that made us invest in this direction, certain that we would enhance the company our production would have been the cornerstone of our business. For this reason, renovation works began in 2000 of some premises already present in the company to create a modern mill capable of hulling and pearling the entire quantity of self-produced cereals and to package and label them.

First implant

The first plant was completed in 2002, giving us the opportunity to begin important collaborations with large-scale retail trade operators, of the agri-food industries, pasta factories and mills.

Modern technologies

From then until now we have further specialized using all the most modern technologies available on the market and also putting into operation a stone mill with which to grind our cereals and legumes in order to offer a complete range of healthy, good and ecologically grown food.

Organic farmers

For this reason, starting from 2015 we have promoted a business network of only organic farmers from the Province of Siena who, by collaborating with each other, have way of providing us with organic cereals of certain zero kilometer origin.

Food safety

All this is part of the aim of offering greater guarantees in terms of the origin of the products and the production system of the foodstuffs to consumers who are increasingly attentive to the issue of food safety.

  • organic cultivation of cereals, wheat, legumes
  • MONTALCINO (SI) – Italy