The land, always prepared and carefully processed, is subject to large crop rotations between forage, cereals and vegetables that allows us to obtain satisfactory yields without the use of any type of additives.

The most commonly used technique is the classic false sowing combined with spring cleaning where possible. In recent years we have used old seeds that have allowed us to rediscover cereals no longer used but very suitable for baking and pasta making. It's great to watch the processing of these seeds from the cultivation, the processing and then see the end product ...!

Durum wheat, spelled T.Dicoccum, Spelt, Spelt einkorn, barley, white oats, rye, millet, beans, peas, lentils, Cicerchie, cannellini beans, small chickpeas, flax, clover. Sainfoin, On, Alfalfa are cultures that succeed one another over the years on our land...