Manufacturing plant

....... a dream that began in 1998 with the conversion to organic methods.

The idea of a product of our own, to be tasted in the restaurant on the farm and to present to our guests when they arrive in our apartments, was what motivated us to work the first 5 quintals of our spelt production. The interest that this has aroused in our visitors and the opportunity to enhance our raw materials prompted us to try to make a small processing plant. In 2000 we began the project and we finished in 2002.
The creation of a “chain” process has increased the demand even more, so much so that since 2002 all the goods collected from our 700 hectares were transformed here. We now supply mills, pasta factories, bakeries, food processing industries and supermarkets.

Hence the need to make any changes necessary to the initial system to provide a high quality product as was required by this market segment. In 2005 with the completion of the new production facility we our production capacity has expanded immensely, adapting to the impulses that the market was throwing out and from there the began the specialization in Farro cereal in all its variations.
Now our strengths include Avena for alimentary use and most recently Monocucco Spelt, which is almost all sold overseas.