In the spring time you can see our limousine cattle grazing freely in the meadows next to the horses from our stables. The herd is made up of an average of 30-35 cows (females) and one bull. The cattle graze outside for a period ranging from 6 to 8 months depending on the area dedicated to pasture and the climatic conditions.

The herd is left to pasture in the spring and returned to the barn in early autumn, when the temperatures start to drop. Heifers and calves stay with the cows until the age of 6-7 months after which the females are separated until the age of 18/20 months and then return to the herd for renewal of the lineage. The male calves are fattened and the meat used in the farm.



Breeding horses. Boxes are available for customers to stable their horses.

Riding school

Weekly programs or daily rides, courses for children or beginners; all will take you to enjoy the silence and beauty of endless expanses of hills.


Horse riding in fascinating scenery, secret and unexpected places in the magnificent Sienese countryside.